New York is steeped in history. So much so that a random back road drive could take you past countless cultural touchstones hidden in plain sight... and that includes ballistic missile silos.

While we may be more accustomed to seeing massive security measures in New York City, the Cold War brought a heavy military presence to upstate New York, including 10 ballistic missile silos. They're still there today.

Cold War History in Upstate New York

The 556th Strategic Missile Squadron was first activated in 1959 in Plattsburgh, NY. Their 12 sites (10 in New York, two in Vermont) were in use from 1959-1961 and 1962-1965.

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Said to have been used as a "major nuclear deterrent during the Cuban Missile Crisis", some of these silos are now privately owned (glamping in a bunker, anyone?). Here's where the ten New York silos are located.

The 12 former missile silos in New York and Vermont (
The 12 former missile silos in New York and Vermont (

Missile Silo Locations in New York

The northern-most site in New York is in Champlain, NY (below). Formerly designated as "Air Force Operational Site #1", the site is now in private hands with the owner reportedly hard at work to make it a "livable historical home". Site 1 is joined by silos in Mooers, NY, Ellenburg Depot, NY, and Brainardsville, NY along New York's northern border.

killerjeanne via YouTube
killerjeanne via YouTube

The 556th Strategic Missile Squadron in New York

There are also silos in Dannemora, NY, Redford, NY, and Riverview, NY, with the three southern-most sites in Au Sable Forks, NY, Willsboro, NY, and Lewis, NY (about 130 miles north of Albany, NY).  Check out a video tour of Silo 1 in Champlain below.

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