It's really hard to trust the process when you hear about things like this.

This is a big election year and the state of politics in our country is extremely volatile. It's even more difficult as this election is beyond normal. One seems to wonder if they'll ever be the same after November 3.

Who remember the Florida recount drama in 2001? We all seemed to move on from that but in 2016 the talks of another country working to disrupt America's democratic process may have made a lot of voters skeptical of the current system.

Stories like this don't seem to help either.

I guess the kid from the Sixth Sense isn't the only one to see dead people. The New York Post reports that the New York City Board of Elections is receiving ballots from dead people.

According to the New York Post, a democratic absentee ballot was validated in early October despite being in the name of someone who was born over 100 years ago. The Post reports that an absentee ballot was requested by Frances Reckhow in September and the ballot was received and validated in October. That would be fine if Frances Reckhow had not died in 2012. In another instance, a registered democrat was requested in September for Gertrude Nizerre. Even though the ballot was mailed back to the Board of Elections the ballot was not validated because records showed the voter would again be over 100 years old and was deceased.


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