Five years ago, I would've had no idea what was about to come to Poughkeepsie right near Marist College. My first experience with acai bowls was back in 2019 when I went to the Jersey Shore. They had this place called Playa Bowl where they made these delicious fruit bowls. It was like getting a smoothy but on crack, and apparently, it was really healthy for you.

I thought it was so refreshing. The next year, I was introduced to an acai bowl restaurant near my college. Though Albany is far from being the beach, it was still so satisfying to grab an acai bowl in the middle of February with the winds whipping. Since college, I haven't had a chance to enjoy one again. That is until now.

SoBol Coming to Former Starbucks Near Marist College in Poughkeepsie

That subheading may have just been the most college girl-thing I've ever written in my life. First of all, some of you still may have no idea what an acai bowl is. Acai na tigela is a Brazillian dessert made from the frozen and mashed fruit of the acai palm. Acai berries have a very earthy and creamy quality to them. Acai can be accompanied by other fruits, granola, nuts, spreads and more. Acai bowls look like ice cream, almost taste like ice cream, but are way healthier than ice cream ever will be. Regardless of what time of year it is, it brings you to a tropical state of mind.

In the Home Depot Plaza, across from Marist College, in the former Starbucks, we are about to get SoBol! SoBol was founded in 2014 and specializes in not just acai bowls, but green bowls, fruit smoothies and more. Using fresh ingredients, all of their blends consist of frozen fruit. That, and they take any and all allergies with extreme caution.

At this point, SolBol could be primarily found in the southern part of the Hudson Valley, such as Yonkers, White Plains, and New Rochelle. SoBol is now working its way up the river to Poughkeepsie. Being that I'm only right up the road from the plaza, I expect to be checking in often and giving you a review real soon!

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