When you're a teenager, a common first job is bagging groceries. It's not usually considered the time of your life but it gave you some cash in your pre-responsibility years. One local grocery store is setting new standards when it comes to employee moral.

They held an employee Easter Egg hunt right inside their store. Not only did they get it on video, but they did it twice. Once for the morning staff and again for the evening staff ensuring that most of the staff could participate.

This is the kind of fun activity that goes way beyond the casual Friday clause. It's silly but you can't help but smile when you see a bunch of adults running around a store with bags looking for Easter Eggs.

"We do activities like this throughout the year. If our employees are happy they take care of our customers and that’s something that a lot of the big corporate environments have lost." Garret Dyal, Assistant Store Manager

Do you think your office job would do the same thing? Just imagine people in pant suits and blazers diving under each other's cubicles after a 5 cent plastic egg just to get a little more candy than their colleague.