Wallaby darned. I didn't expect to have kangaroo burgers this week but here we go.

I love getting food at Adams Fairacre Farms and if you live in the Hudson Valley region of New York then there is a good chance that you do to. Unlike other local grocery stores it seems like Adams is always changing the grocery game. Their food is fresh and they like to keep my dinner menu fresh too.

Just the other day I saw one of the most bizarre food combinations when I noticed they were selling pizza waffles. It's literally pizza ingredients thrown into waffle batter and it was absolutely delicious.

As soon as I saw this I had to buy it and try it immediately. I have to say it might be the most unique food item I have ever seen for sale behind a deli counter at a local grocery store.

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Just when I thought I had seen it all at Adams I came across another unique for sale on my most recent trip. I saw that that Adams location in Wappingers Falls is selling ground kangaroo meat along with elk, venison and ostrich. I didn't know that you could even eat kangaroo meat. Not only can you eat it but it is actually pretty good for you. According to Sustainable Table, kangaroo is extremely lean and is a healthier red meat option.


Have you had kangaroo meat before? Would you give it a taste?

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