It might look like a symbol that is signaling the mother ship but don't worry because it wasn't built by aliens. I know there has been a lot of talk about alien sightings and I know this might look like some sort of crop circle but it isn't. It's a type of maze but there's no corn.

YouTube: Asa Adirondack
YouTube: Asa Adirondack

New Yorkers are always looking for fun things to do outdoors. There is something very unique in Upstate New York and its bizarre look is getting a lot of attention.

New York State has several places to explore. If you need some examples you check out these 5 must-see parks along with short video tours.

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What is the Adirondack Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a structure consisting of a network of paths or passages that are designed to challenge and sometimes confuse people who are trying to navigate through it. It's basically a maze. Labyrinths have been seen in various cultures and civilizations throughout history, serving both practical and symbolic purposes. Some can be very complex and confusing while others are made to be less challenging and are designed for stress relief and relaxation. You can often see these on a much smaller scale at some local parks.

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To visit the stunning Adirondack Labyrinth check out Asa Adirondack situated on 100 beautiful acres. They are located in Bakers Mills, New York and have received some amazing reviews.

Here is a peek at the Adirondack Labyrinth.

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