Step into the storied past of the Catskill Mountain Railroad (CMRR) as you board in Kingston, New York, for an enchanting journey through time. Established in 1982, the CMRR stands as a custodian of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad's heritage, seamlessly connecting the picturesque Hudson Valley with the captivating Catskill Mountains.

Envisioned and nurtured by 69 devoted employees and their families, the CMRR is more than just a train ride; it's a collective effort to preserve history. Rooted in the 1868 beginnings of the Rondout & Oswego Railroad, this route was once the lifeline for both freight and tourism, ferrying goods ranging from bluestone to farm-fresh dairy products.

Trains Helped Build NYC

During the early 20th century, the railroad played a pivotal role in the construction of the Ashokan Reservoir, an engineering marvel securing New York City's water supply. Despite changing hands—from the Ulster & Delaware Railroad to the New York Central Railroad and Penn Central—the railroad's essence remained intact.

By the mid-20th century, passenger service waned, casting doubt on the line's future. Yet, through the dedication of county officials, employees, and volunteers, the CMRR emerged, breathing new life into the historic corridor.

Today, the CMRR offers an immersive journey blending history with breathtaking scenery. Each ticket sold not only grants passage but also contributes to the ongoing preservation and enhancement of the railroad, ensuring its enduring legacy for generations to come.

Ride The Catskill Mountain Railroad

Whether you're an avid history buff or nature enthusiast, the Catskill Mountain Railroad promises an unforgettable adventure, beckoning you to be part of its vibrant narrative as it winds through the heart of New York's stunning landscapes

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