I guess if you're having trouble sleeping you can just be rocked to sleep.

I've been having a heck of a time getting to sleep lately. Maybe I should just have my girlfriend rock me to sleep.

If you've tried counting sheep, ZzzQuyl, melatonin and maybe even a good old bloody mary and you still can't sleep it might be time to try a new tactic. According Gizmodo, expert sleep scientists from Switzterland claim that adults enter a much deeper stage of sleep when they're being rocked.

This was all proven in a lab type environment. It's legit. No, they ddint have someone physically rocking someone while cradling them. They were in crib like beds that swung much like a hammock.

Yes, it is a little strange to be compared to a newborn baby but they sure sleep peaceful. There could be something to it.

Are you willing to at least try it?