Be extra careful and take precautions if you're in the area. It seems like the Hudson Valley has become a traveling zoo with all the recent animal sightings we've had. If you're out walking your dog, going for a run or just enjoying some time outside, you have to be cautious of the wildlife around you.

This is crazy, one Hudson Valley town has been forced to issue a rabid skunk warning and they are alerting residents of a major problem that's going on.

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What Animal Warning Has Been Issued?


According to the Dutchess County Emergency Management Facebook Page, they are warning residents that aggressive skunks were observed in the area and there's the potential that the skunks could be rabid. Ugh....just great.

Where and When?


Not good, sources say the aggressive skunks were observed between October 30th and November 1st (it literally just happened). The warning has been issued for residents in the Town of Poughkeepsie, but it's a good warning for everyone else as well.

What Should You Be on the Lookout For?

Well, a few careful of strange-acting skunks and ones who show aggressive behavior. If you have pets, especially small ones, make sure you keep them away from skunks and look out if you walk them at night.

What To Do If You Notice An Aggressive Skunk?

If you do witness a skunk in distress, please contact the Dutchess County Department of Behavioral & Community Health immediately at (845)-486-3404. Be careful.

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