Aldi. A place that is hard to explain to people who have not been there, but once you go a few times, you get that this is a different type of grocery store. You also quickly learn that you have to bring a quarter to use their shopping carts and you have to bring your own bags for your groceries? Wait, this is now a state and county mandate? Well, Aldi is the OG of this. You will find some empty boxes around the store that you are welcome to snag to box up your purchases or you can purchase, paper or re-usable bags at the check out if your forgot yours.

All that being said, this week Aldi made an announcement stating that they are going to increase the number of stores that have curb-side pick up. A few months ago, the company also partnered with Instacart to have a shopper gather your groceries, pay for them and then bring them to your home (you had to order everything online and prepay for this service, but you didn't have to go into a store during a pandemic (which was pretty awesome).

If you have not used Instacart before, you will need to have an account with them before you can add stuff to your online cart. Is this available, curbside pick-up, at all stores? Yes and no. Instacart delivery is available to most addresses, curbside pickup is only available at select stores.

Here in the Hudson Valley, the only Aldi stores that currently have curbside pick-up are Central Valley, Newburgh and Middletown.

Where will there be new Aldi locations this year? Locations are still being announced, but the store said that they are planning to open 200 locations in North America this year. Where are those locations going to be? Click here for Grand Opening updates.

Is Aldi giving away free groceries like someone said on Facebook? The answer is no, but here is more info.

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