Here in New York, and even more specifically within the Hudson Valley, we take a number of things very seriously, pizza is one of them.

Out of the Oven Pepperoni Pizza

Chances are, if you ask a Hudson Valley resident where their favorite pizza spot is, they'll give you a response in no time, along with a personal story to justify why this particular place is where you should go for your next slice.

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Rt 376 Hopewell Junction Pizzeria Shutters

For the past few weeks, even dating back to August 17th, local residents have been pretty vocal in a number of different Facebook forums about what was going on with a particular Hopewell Junction Pizzeria. Aliano Pizza & Osteria, located on Rt. 376 just off Rt. 82, is a popular spot just off the 'Main Street' area of Hopewell Junction.

Personally, we loved ordering our heart shaped Valentine's Day pizza from them the past few years.

Shortly after the initial August 17th inquiry, staff from Aliano shared that they were on vacation, but questions about when they were returning went unanswered.


A similar post in the Dutchess County Mom's Group on Wednesday September 27th questioned if anyone knew the status of Aliano Pizza & Osteria, to which a local resident shared the following:

The owner said online a few weeks ago that they have sold the business to a local family and that it will be reopening again soon. I haven't seen any further info other than that.

Hopewell Junction Pizzeria Reopening Soon Under New Ownership?

After taking a quick trip to the 410 NY-376 location on Thursday September 28th, I found the restaurant empty with no interior lights on. The Aliano Pizza & Osteria sign remains above the restaurant door, and was lit up just before 7pm on the 28th, however, a hand-written note on the front door referenced remodeling and reopening. The full sign can be viewed below:


The Aliano Pizza & Osteria Facebook page no longer exists, however, the restaurant's official website is still currently active. The 'Slice App' option for ordering directly from their website does indicate that they are 'taking a quick pause' and will be accepting orders again soon.

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