Yes I went there - maybe it's because Blink182 has been on my mind since their album release last week and the show they just played at the Barclays Center, but it was all too fitting for what I wanted to talk about.

Though the weather outside hasn't been feeling all that fall-ish, it is officially my favorite season of the year and I am pumped for all of the activities that come along with the season.  Now don't go and call me basic because you will not catch me with a PSL in hand wearing Uggs... I DO NOT LIKE pumpkin flavored things whatsoever, and i'm more of a sneaker kind of gal.

Anyway, when the leaves start to change, and the cool, crisp air arrives (soon, please?), what's on your fall must do list, and where are your favorite Hudson Valley spots to do them?

For me, in no particular order, I have to:

  • Go pumpkin and apple picking.
  • Consume a crazy amount of apple cider donuts during the aforementioned picking trip #noshame
  • Hit a Haunted House or two.
  • Corn maze, definitely a ridiculously hard corn maze that I can never successfully complete.
  • Check out fall festivals and local community days.
  • Stop by my favorite wineries - great fall views and a glass of wine, nothing better!
  • Buy an obscene amount of fall/halloween decorations, i'm a very seasonally appropriate person so I have to flip the decor to the appropriate colors.
  • Get to Stormville Flea Market one last time for the year (P.S. - they do a Christmas in November type show and it's pretty incredible).

This year I may also check out this Haunted Boat Ride and I obviously need to step up my costume game to get ready for the Boo Ball next month.

So, what's on your fall bucket list?  Any hidden gems in the Hudson Valley we should be aware of this fall?