Keep your pants on! The NY Post is reporting that an attempted robbery failed after the would-be victim was able to fight off his alleged attacker. Surveillance footage also shows the alleged robber briefly losing his pants. Whoops, that's embarrassing. The Post says the pants-less robber eventually gave up and ran off without anything.

Police say the attempted robbery happened July 12 in Sunset Park. The footage shows the attacker approach the 25-year-old victim and wrestle him down to the ground in an attempt to steal his money. Another man can be seen attempting to pull the much larger attacker off the victim. Three other men then emerge from a nearby building, as the scuffle ensues. One of the men can be seen pointing at another, presumably instructing him to go call for help.

But the victim was resilient. During the scuffle he can be seen rolling around and fighting off the would-be robber. Police say the attacker then pulled his pants up and ran off, before hopping in a white SUV.

You may remember in 2018, when another New York man decided to settle a domestic dispute by setting his own pants on fire. reports that the resulting blaze ended up destroying the house, along with a garage, and two vehicles. Must have been quite the disagreement. What the Hastings, NY man was hoping to accomplish by setting one of his own pairs of pants on fire was indeed a mystery. Police did not indicate if he had a backup pair available at the time of arrest.

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