(UPDATE: We received word that it was a medical reason for the accident and that the driver and dog that were in truck are both OK.)

Justin Brown/Facebook
Justin Brown/Facebook

This video is so scary!

It all happened at the intersection of Route 299 and Route 9W in Highland the other day.

Warning:: This video contains explicit language.

WOW! So scary. Talk about a close call for the blue truck with a trailer that went through the intersection just seconds after the white truck slammed into the snowbank.

I never thought I would say this, but thank God for that snowbank. I could only imagine if that bank wasn't there.

No word yet on how the driver of the truck is doing or why the truck never stopped at the intersection.

It's a great time to be reminded about being extra careful when driving, especially when you are pulling out of a driveway or parking lot or make any turns. Snow banks in some areas are still really tall and visibility in some areas is still really bad.

Crews around the Hudson Valley are still working on snow removal after winter storm Stella dropped over two feet of snow on the area last week.