Amscan, Inc., a prominent player in the party goods industry, operating under the alias Kookaburra, has announced its intention to cease operations at its facility located on Route 17K in the Town of Newburgh. This decision, primarily driven by economic considerations, will have far-reaching consequences for all 117 employees stationed at the center.

The company, with its headquarters situated in Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, formally informed the State Department of Labor regarding this strategic move. The phased closure is slated to commence on August 30, with the final shutdown scheduled for November 29. It's worth noting that the impacted workforce at Amscan's facility is not unionized, further complicating matters for the affected employees. This closure marks a significant shift for both the company and the local community, signaling changes in the economic landscape and potentially leaving many without employment opportunities.

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As Amscan navigates through this transition, the broader implications of this decision reverberate across various stakeholders, from the displaced workers seeking new employment avenues to the local economy grappling with the loss of a longstanding employer. This comes at a challenging time for New York State, which has been contending with economic uncertainties and fluctuating unemployment rates.

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As of the latest available data, New York's unemployment rate stands at 4.2%, reflecting the ongoing challenges in the job market. The closure of Amscan's facility adds to these statistics, underscoring the need for proactive measures to support affected workers and revitalize economic opportunities in the region.


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