There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the new version of Stephen King's IT, which is set to hit theaters on September 8th. Early word is that it's a great adaptation of King's novel, that it improves upon the original TV version, and that, oh yeah, clowns are freaking scary. 

Now imagine watching a movie about a scary clown... in a theater surrounded by scary clowns. If you don't plan on sleeping anytime for the next year or so, this could be really cool! The Alamo Drafthouse in Yonkers is hosting an all-clown screening of IT on September 12th, and yes, you have to be dressed as a clown to attend.

The Alamo Drafthouse does specialty screenings all the time, but this is definitely one of the more unique ones. Earlier this year, they made headlines with their all-female screenings of Wonder Woman, which proved to be massively successful. I'm not sure how many audience members will want to subject themselves to the all-encompassing terror of being surrounded by clowns in a dark theater watching a movie about a killer clown, but hey, I'd love to see them go for it. You can get your tickets right here at the Drafthouse's site.

Does this sound like something you'd want to do? Or would you rather curl up in a ball and think about non-scary clowns? Trick question, there are no non-scary clowns. All clowns are terrifying.