Dear smoke detector in my house,

Thank you for keeping us safe, and for looking out for potential dangers, but what the HELL got into you on Saturday night?

Let me set the stage for you first - Saturday was an awesome day.  Had my daughter's 4th birthday extravaganza (what's up bowling party), then out to dinner and drinks with awesome friends (to recover from said party), and closed out the night with drinks and game night on the deck with neighbors.

Needless to say, 2/3 of the aforementioned events included drinks, so I was feeling pretty good when I went to bed, until it happened...

2:30am I jumped, literally, out of my bed, as I woke up to my smoke/carbon monoxide detector BLARING, and verbally telling me FIRE - FIRE - FIRE.  As I ran around the upstairs of my house, with a cat under one arm, the other cat running around like a lunatic because of the sound, a fire extinguisher under the other arm, and a flashlight in my mouth, I frantically searched for this fire.

No smoke, no flames, no indication of any sort of fire in the house whatsoever, and the alarm reset itself and all was quiet.

What.  Just.  Happened?

I did another sweep of the house, nothing of concern at all, no detectors chirping for low battery, nada.

Imagine trying to go back to sleep after this goes down - I ended up flipping between Law and Order SVU and Chopped until my heart rate went back down to a normal speed and I could no longer keep my eyes open.  I checked the house again Sunday morning, still nothing and all the detectors were showing the green light.

I went out and bought all brand new detectors to replace the existing ones anyway, i'm beyond replacing the batteries after this experience.   I'm not going to mess around when it comes to that kind of stuff - safety first you know.

To my new smoke detectors, if you decide to freak out for no apparent reason, can we not do it at 2:30am, and preferably, not after i've had a few drinks...