I've had a fair amount of interactions with WRRV artists over the years. There are some that are exceptionally cool, some that are marginally cool, and some that are... well, they are.

But Andrew McMahon is at the absolute top of the list in terms of musicians that I love to talk to. I don't think it's possible to find someone who is more genuine, more down to earth, and more relatable than Andrew. Having had the opportunity to speak to him on more than one occasion, this is a guy that actually remembers conversations he has with radio hosts and fans from literally years ago.

Combined with the fact that his music was always around, a constant presence as I was growing up (Something Corporate's breakthrough album Leaving Through the Window was released the summer before my freshman year of high school), it was awesome to get a chance to talk to him.

Check below as we discuss his career path and what the Hudson Valley means to him.

Grab tickets to his show at the Chance here and make sure to catch him at Darkside Records doing a meet and greet and short acoustic set beforehand at 5PM!