A couple of months ago on International Women's Day, one investment firm placed a statue of a defiant girl standing opposed to the iconic charging bull statue on Wall Street. The statue was called "Fearless Girl," and one artist who took issue with it has now lashed out.

Sculptor Alex Gardega, believing the statue to represent corporate interests rather than feminist ideals, decided to make his own statue to show how he feels about it. What did he come up with? A small dog that's peeing on the girl's leg.

Yeah, that's a little crass and could easily be seen as misogynist. And, predictably, people are pretty sharply divided on Gardega's addition. Many feel that "Fearless Girl," created by Kristen Visbal, has become an empowering representation of women in the workforce. Others think the statue mostly exists to give the corporation that commissioned it publicity.

I don't know how to heal that divide, but I do know that if this keeps up Wall Street is going to be absolutely cluttered with statues. Is there such a thing as too many statues? We're about to find out.