My quest for the perfect apartment in Poughkeepsie has led me down a winding path of Craigslist listings, each promising an ideal living space. However, amidst the excitement of potential finds, I’ve encountered the same tired scam, time after time.


Craigslist Sept

Now, I know the title says EVERY listing is a scam.. That’s not true. Every REASONABLY PRICED apartment listing is a scam. The ones that are $1600 a month for a 300 square foot studio.. those listings are sadly real.


Here’s how it inevitably goes.

Find a reasonably price listing, email about the listing and include your phone number as requested.  Then they text you moments later. They appear professional and knowledgeable, offering to guide you through the rental process. As your conversation progresses, they casually mention the need for a credit check to proceed with my application.

Fake Credit Check

Here comes the fake website that looks real. Real logos and graphics but if you look at the address bar in your browser it’s not a simple “” it’s some crazy long nothing.

Initially compliant, I nearly fell into their trap when they directed me to the website to purchase a $50 credit check. However, something about the situation didn't sit right with me. I paused, deciding to verify the website's legitimacy. A quick online search revealed warnings from others who had encountered the same scam. A tale as old as time.

While the search for an apartment in Poughkeepsie proves challenging, it also reinforced the importance of staying vigilant and trusting my instincts. Anyone got a cute little studio for rent?


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