Are drivers in the Hudson Valley better when it is 88 degrees outside or when there's 8 feet of snow?

Is it just me or are people in the area driving exceptionally worse than ever lately? Rte 9 has seemed to have been transformed in to the  Autobahn. I can't be the only one who has noticed this. I've noticed more distracted drivers along with cars weaving in and out of traffic in the Hudson Valley.

It has been exceptionally hot this past week in the Hudson Valley. Reaching highs of almost 90 degrees in the month of May is a bit strange. The extreme heat is enough to make people crazy but but is it enough to make people drive crazy too?  It might be. Heat can do a lot of things.

You might not know this but warm weather isn't good for your car. Extreme heat can do a number on your battery and tire pressure.

Not only is it bad for your car but statistically it is more dangerous as well. According to Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the summer can be one of the worst times for driving. There are more accidents and fatalities during these months. The reason why isn't really a shocking on either. It's simply because people drive more when the weather is nice. They drive more frequently and much further.

People are far more cautious on the roads in the winter.

Is there more to it. When the weather is nicer do people get more relaxed as well? You've got the windows down, sun glasses on and the music is a little louder. Could that have something to do with it as well.

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