It seems as though every couple of months since the pandemic started we are seeing news stories about empty grocery shelves. At first, it was the hoarding of toilet paper, sanitary wipes, and paper towels. And that was a very real thing in the Hudson Valley. I think we all experienced it.

Eventually, the shelves filled up and we were all able to wipe everything once again. And things seemed okay for a while. Then we heard about a shortage of canned cat food. I admit that I go to a local pet store to get my food, and haven’t really had any problems, but I have seen pictures of local Hudson Valley grocery stores with empty pet food shelves. Supply chain problems?

This week I read a story on that it’s starting again. Frozen food, meat and cereal shortages, among other things. I haven’t been to a grocery store in ages, but I know the cereal aisle looked pretty empty earlier this week at the health food store. And they haven’t had my favorite organic baked beans in months. So, I guess I am somewhat affected by these shortages.

Have you found that you’re having a hard time getting what you’re looking for here in the Hudson Valley? What haven’t you been able to get? Cat food? Cereal? I haven’t heard too many people complaining locally, but then again, I don’t always listen. Hopefully, your pantry is full, your pets are well fed, and the grocery store shelves will be full again soon.

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