Most of us did a lot of dumb things growing up. Unfortunately, we did not have the internet to warn us about new and idiotic trends and ideas. Please avoid this sticky situation.

Don't get me wrong there are some great trends that we should be thankful for. Some honorable mentions include: the Jehri curl, Poggs, romp-hims and Pokemon Go.

The latest weird and dangerous trend to hit the scene is pouring Coca- Cola on your skin before sun bathing. Apparently, the caramel in the Coca-Cola can help bronze the skin.

According to Allure, many experts, cosmetologists and dermatologists fight to spread awareness of the dangers of tanning in the sun. They even go far as to claim that spray tanning is the only safe method to get the summer glow that you want.

Research from Mount Sinai Hospital has found that the Coca- Cola method can speed the tanning process however, it is extremely harmful to your skin.

The acidic contents found in cola eat away your dead skin cells, causing the UV light to burn your skin much fast also enhancing the risk of skin cancer.

Although, it's delicious. I would stay away from bathing in Coke Zero on the beach.

Scott Olson/Getty