Ward Pound Ridge Reservation is considered to be the largest park in Westchester County. On their website, the 4,315 acre park describes its various different terrains and landscapes as well as its numerous different trails visitors can travel along. It was on one of these various trails though where a violent encounter recently took place and it has left two individuals now facing criminal charges.

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Assault at the Park

The incident in question occurred recently while a Connecticut woman with her dog was walking one of the trails at the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation. At the time the dog was not on a leash. During the walk, the unleashed dog ran up and confronted another couple on the trail at the same time.


The details of the story reported by News 12: Westchester indicate that the dog did not react negatively towards the couple, however the couple, identified as Steven and Dawn Reich, advised the woman that her dog needed to be on a leash. The parks website does state that dogs in the park must be on a leash, however during this interaction is where conflict arose.

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An argument began between the dog owner and the New Rochelle couple and the argument then became violent. Reports state that Dawn Reich struck the Connecticut woman in the head, which knocked her down and caused a laceration. It is also reported that Steven Reich took the victims phone and "smashed it against a rock" preventing the Connecticut woman from calling 911.

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At some point in time, it was reported that two other visitors at the park eventually crossed paths with the victim and gave her a cell phone, where 911 was then called. What is unclear in the event is whether or not the other visitors encountered the victim during the incident or after it occured.

Status of the Victim and Charges for the Accused

Following the event that took place, both Steven Reich age 66 and Dawn Reich age 57 were arrested and now face criminal charges. For her alleged involvement in the incident, Dawn Reich was charged with assault, while her husband Steven faces charges of Criminal mischief for allegedly destroying the victims phone. Both of them were booked at the County Police Headquarters and they are expected to be back in court on November 20, 2023.


As for the victim, her identity has not yet been released, however, reports state that following the event she was transported to Northern Westchester Hospital for medical treatment. At this point, it's not clear how severe the injuries to the victim were or what her condition is currently.

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We will continue to do our best to provide up to date information for this story if or when new information becomes available.

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