The New York State Attorney General has had to step in to combat the worst response to the current nationwide baby formula shortage: price gauging. Warnings have already been sent to over 30 stores over dramatic increases in many types of baby formulas as parents scramble to find ways to feed their young children.

Baby Formula Shortage in the Hudson Valley, NY

It's no secret that consumers are on high alert for any available formula. A recent local Facebook post shared the news that a Target store in Poughkeepsie had been restocked with formula, but within hours it was reportedly sold out. Unfortunately, many stores across the state have allegedly been taking advantage of the rising demand by raising their prices, with examples coming in from all over the state.


Baby Formula Price Gauging in New York State

In a press release, the office of the Attorney General shared that stores from Erie County to New York City had been sent warnings over price gouging after complaints were registered by New York State residents. "One consumer reported that a 19.8 ounce can of Enfamil Nutramigen formula, which typically sells for $44.99, was being sold by an Erie County retailer for $59.99. Another consumer reported that a 32-ounce ready-to-feed bottle of Enfamil NeuroPro was being sold by a Bronx retailer for $17.99 when it previously sold for $11.99", shared the press release. If you believe a store is price gauging, there are certain steps you can take.

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Reporting Price Gauging in New York State

To report price gauging, be specific. Details such as dates of your attempted purchase, location of the store, as well as the brand and usual price of the product are all important details to include. Taking pictures of listed prices as well as including receipts if the product was purchased are also helpful pieces of documentation. You can report suspected price gauging here or by calling 800-771-7755.

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