What is more New York than a bagel?

Three years ago, I took my first trip to California. A memory on Facebook popped up recently where I documented a few points from my journey with stopping in at various airports and then finally making it out west:

Things I've learned from my travels yesterday:
- Restaurants like to mimic New York as much as possible, such as with names of products, meals, etc
- Much more of this country is flatter than I would have figured.
- Bread and Bagels taste much different off the East Coast, let alone New York.
People talk about how New York bagels are king, and you know what? They really are. Folks will often say, "It must be the water" or something. I don't know how much truth there is to that being the core ingredient, but bagels off of the east coast aren't as soft, and I've typically found them to be drier. So maybe there is something to that water belief.
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Below, we have ourselves a list of the ten best bagel shops in and around Westchester, New York according to Yelp reviewers. When was the last time that you got a good schmear? How about some bagels and lox? Perhaps a good chicken salad bagel? You know you're going to need a good Bacon-Egg-And-Cheese-Salt-Pepper-Ketchup on a bagel. These Westchester bagel shops and delis have you covered.
Which bagel shop do you love the most? Is there another one around Westchester, New York that deserves to be on this list? Then you must tell us on the WRRV App!

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