Cosmic Donuts in Kinderhook got a lot of attention for making buffalo dip-filled doughnuts for the Super Bowl. These could go with a football game too. Yes, that was a nipple gate reference.

They win once again.

These could very well be the breast doughnuts in the Hudson Valley. Literally.

If you know me you know that I have a passion for glazed, frosted or cream-filled and fried pastries.

It's a glorious time in the Hudson Valley for people like me who have a massive sweet tooth. I think the Hudson Valley is currently in the middle of a baking and pastry war and we're getting all the spoils.

It seems like we're seeing more and more doughnut shops pop up locally.

You've got to do anything you can to stick out and Cosmic Donuts in Kinderhook certainly knows that. Their outrageous and fun doughnuts have been getting a lot of attention lately and turning heads all over the Hudson Valley and beyond.

One customer asked for custom doughnuts to celebrate a breast augmentation and they were happy to accommodate.


Many of us are stuck with this primitive thought that when it's time to celebrate a milestone or a major event you should go out and grab a cake. Cosmic Donuts is proving that there really is a doughnut for any occasion.

Cosmic is not limited to their post-procedure doughnuts.

Recently, the same bakery celebrated a customer's vasectomy with doughnuts.

Cosmic Donuts
Cosmic Donuts

Will you consider getting custom doughnuts the next time you want to celebrate?


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