A historic milestone may be coming to New York's neighbor... and it would be huge news for bald eagles and ospreys in the state.

Luckily for New Yorkers, the Hudson Valley is a bald eagle haven (see some of the best places to spot them here). Unfortunately, the same has not been true for New Jersey, and that's what makes a new announcement so exciting.

Photo of two bald eagles in the Hudson Valley, NY
Bald Eagles have made a fantastic comeback in New York (Owen Cramsie)

Endangered Bald Eagles in the Northeast

For decades, bald eagles have been listed as a state-endangered species by New Jersey. Numbers were so dismal, in fact, the AP reported that in the 1980s there was only a single breeding pair of our national bird in the entire state. Thanks to conservation efforts, numbers have been growing, which is the reason for the proposed change.

A bald eagle with talons outstretched to catch a fish
Luckily, populations of bald eagles in New York and New Jersey have been steadily increasing (KenCanning via Canva)

Bald Eagles Making a Comeback in New York and New Jersey

Bald eagles have made a huge comeback in the United States. Thanks to the ban of chemicals like DDT, populations have increased across the country, and in states like New York, the species' status has been downgraded from "endangered" to "threatened". The same may now be true in New Jersey.

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New Jersey Proposing New Classification for Bald Eagles

The administration of New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy recently announced plans to change the status of bald eagles after an impressive rebound in their population. The proposal would change the classification of bald eagles in New Jersey from endangered to threatened, and osprey classification would change from threatened to stable.

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Wait, Aren't Bald Eagles Already De-Classified as Endangered?

Nationally, the status of bald eagles was changed from endangered to threatened back in 2007. Many states including New Jersey, however, kept the classification of "state-endangered". In New Jersey's case, bald eagles were listed as endangered specifically during their breeding season.

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The news is a welcome ray of hope for some of the northeast's most beloved animals. Check out the awesome bald eagle feeding frenzy on the Hudson River below, and keep scrolling to see another impressive bird of prey with its claws full.

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