This is NOT the band that toured with "He Is We". I need to make sure you understand that from the beginning.

THIS Ocean Grove hails from Australia, and has been called everything from punk to metal to alternative, and plenty in between. They recently signed to Rise Records in the states, and I expect we'll be hitching rides on some national tours soon.

Here's the thing: this song (These Boys Light Fires) sounds like it could be "Breed" from Nirvana's angry little brother. It's not just close musically, the songs seem like kindred spirits. The angst, the aggression, the drums. It's damn close. The main vocals are FAR more aggressive than Kurt ever was, but the singing on the chorus sure sounds damn close.

Music is a funny thing; it's very often cyclical. You'll see a lot of synth-pop and electronic music, followed up by the complete opposite, with another backlash to that after. It's entirely possible we're starting to see the next music wave forming off in the distance. IF you want to say that a lot of the music we're hearing now is reminiscent of the 80's synth era, I wouldn't disagree. I'd also say that bands like Ocean Grove could be the reaction to that.

Again, who knows. I could be totally wrong or reading way too much into this. Or maybe we should just sit back and enjoy a really great song.