So you have passed it dozens of time when you are taking a train to or from New York City, but what is it? I was able to visit Bannerman Island, which is legally known as Pollepel Island, over the weekend. What was I expecting to find out about why this castle was sitting in the water of the Hudson, in Newburgh Bay?

I can't really say that I know much of anything the tour. I thought that it was a big castle, that somehow was built in the middle of a small Johnny Depp sized island. What I found out, was that a man named Francis Bannerman bought the island as a place to store excess merchandise, including munitions and gun powder, along with many thousands of other things. Mr Bannerman was also a sales person, I can liken him to what eBay is now. He would buy surplus goods at auction and then resale them to other people (and countries) at higher prices. How could he get people to stop by his "Island" of a store? Build a storehouse that looks like a castle. Did it work?

You will just have to take one of the tours to find out. There are different versions of the tour, days when there are movies, special performances and music. Make sure to book a few weeks in advance as the tours are super popular.

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