A new "Barbie" is about to hit store shelves. One that is supposed to look more like me (or you). The Barbie doll that Mattel has sold for years, apparently is not a true representation of the way women look around the world and after many years, Mattel has finally decided to make some changes. The changes made to the original Barbie include "real curves" and a more petite height.

Mattel has been making this doll since it's introduction in the late 1950's and yes there have been slight modifications to the doll design. The recent changing of the Barbie to reflect the more curvaceousness of celebrity styles and public acceptance. (Think Kim Kardashian and Kate Upton).

Mattel has made the decision to initially start selling the new versions of the dolls online. The reason that they are doing it online first, the company still is in the process of modifying clothing to fit the new dolls and they still need to work with retailers who are already stocking the original Barbie dolls to arrange for more shelf space for the new items.