Sadly, another business in the Hudson Valley will be closing.

It hasn't been easy for us or businesses throughout the entire country and specifically right here in the Hudson Valley. We've said goodbye to some major businesses here like MINI of Dutchess, J.C. Penney and Bonefish Grill. We certainly haven't seen the last of the financial chaos caused from COVID.

The shutdown after the COVID-19 pandemic has been the final nail in the coffin for many businesses that might have been struggling before the pandemic. How many businesses will make it out of 2020 intact?

We've had to say goodbye to many local businesses over the last 8 months and it's been difficult.

According to Chain Store Age, as part of a massive restructuring program Bass would close down 89 stores. The coronavirus pandemic has cost the Hudson Valley many businesses. Yet another will soon be added to the tally. According to employees at the Bass Outfitter store in Fishkill, the store will be closing its doors permanently. Though they did not report an exact date it is expected to be sometime before the new year or shortly after. Many New York residents rave about the quality of shoes from Bass Outlets.

Currently the entire store is in the process of liquidating their inventory. Store signs advertise new items are available and many of the items are up to 70% - 75% off.

Of all the stores that we've had to say goodbye to which one will you miss the most?

The Hudson Valley Is Saying Goodbye To Nearly 25 Eateries