Known as a "Mini Manhattan", Beacon has an entirely new name for itself. Over the past couple of years, we have all watched this town grow and flourish.

It's inspiring to see villages and towns within the Hudson Valley expand and bring in more local business for our area. Unlike any other town, Beacon really does have it all.

Here's what you can expect to see in Beacon.


From hiking trails to bars, restaurants, donut shops, an arcade with a bar, The Snooki Shop and most importantly, the infamous waterfall near The Roundhouse.

You truly can park your car at the beginning of Main Street and walk all the way down near Melzingahs. This would be perfect to do in warm weather on a sunny day. Along the way, you might be surprised by what catches your eye. There are also a lot of locally owned, cute little boutiques that stand out.

What is Wonderbar Beacon?

Most importantly, you could come across a speakeasy-style bar. This historic setting opened in the 1930s and is still making a name for itself today.

I noticed this building a few times while in Beacon and never really thought anything of it until recently. I did research and found out the coolest, historic information in regards to this alluring bar.

Wonderbar Beacon sits right on Main Street in Beacon, New York. If you have been here before you may already know all about it. If not, it's worth finding out about, I promise. Be sure to click on the Instagram link above to see pictures of what it used to look like. Walking into this building truly feels like you took a step back in time. With that being said, Wondebar Beacon first opened in the 1930s and was a nightclub. They ended up closing in the 1950s. It was occupied after the 1950s, closed again, and then previously, re-opened.




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I could only imagine how incredible it felt to have this place during that time. You can almost imagine the dresses, music playing, and popular cocktails at the time, being enjoyed on the large dancefloor. Music such as jazz, swing, and popular hits of the time flooded the room. 

How can you go to Wonderbar Beacon?

More than ever, this setting has a lounge-style to it with a marble bar and tiled floor. They are known for their cocktails made by professional mixologists and small plates of food by their executive chef. Dining options consist of indoor, outdoor, or take-out.

I really admire all of the historic pieces that are a part of Wonderbar. Even more so, it's fascinating that they kept it true to the setting but with a modern twist.

You'll have to let me know if it feels like a step back in time or a vibrant place filled with historic tales. Share with me below.

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