The traditional brick building located on South Chestnut Street is closing down towards the end of January 2018 for some renovations. This is home to Beacon's St. Rocco Society and has served it's community for many years. But as time goes by and buildings age, it's nice to know that the plan some nice additions to there room.

The main room is their upstairs hall which is available to rent for whatever gathering you are hosting. It can easily accommodate 125 people and has been a staple location for smaller weddings and sweet sixteens for Beacon and surrounding area residents.

St. Rocco's interior

During the temporary closing of St. Rocco's the renovations will take place. Adding a bit of modern spark to a room that is already versatile enough for most events. The stage is perfect for podiums or space for entertainment vendors. The renovations are going to include new flooring and some other aesthetics.

I've worked in many catering halls over the past 15 years hosting events and St. Rocco's has always been a great place to work. It's easy for vendors to set up in and has plenty of floor space for dancing! They are located at 25 South Chestnut Street in Beacon, NY. For information regarding their events or room rates they can be reached at (845) 831-9735.