You can smell it in the air. It is as if the warm weather carries the smell of the sale with it as it arrives in the Hudson Valley. Spring means lots of things in our area and one of those things is yards sales and flea markets.

Just last week Stormville Flea Market announced their opening weekend. Now, today we have gotten word that another popular place to find treasures will be opening soon as well. Beacon Flea Market announced on their Facebook page that they will be ready to open on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

The official website for the Beacon Flea Market says they are open 8 AM to 3 PM on fair weather Sundays April through November. Easy to find at South Chestnut and Henry Streets in downtown Beacon it could be a great way to find some deals and spend a day outdoors with friends.

If you can't wait until the 18th you can head this weekend to Elephant's Trunk in New Milford Connecticut. They plan to open this Sunday according to their website Unlike the Beacon Flea Market, Elephant's Trunk requires you to get a ticket. They offer earlier bird and general admission. Early bird tickets are available online, the regular ticket is purchased at the admission gate.

So it is official, local flea markets are kicking off the 2021 season and before you know it we will be enjoying yard sales on local streets in the Hudson Valley. Here's to you finding a treasure in your hunt and hoping that unlike in 2020 we can get out there and get back to "junkin".


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