Is it safe to say we call him a beast of an internet sensation?  I think so, and we mean beast in the best way possible.

MrBeast Burger Comes to the Hudson Valley

YouTube personality Jimmy Donaldson, aka MrBeast Burger, has found a new home here in the Hudson Valley.  The concept is that of a delivery-only fast-food restaurant chain that runs out of ghost kitchens, aka, existing restaurants. The idea of these ghost kitchens and specialty menu items first launched in December of 2020, and the Hudson Valley had its first taste back in February of 2021 when a ghost kitchen opened up at a well-known Hudson Valley spot, Joe's Dairy Bar in Hopewell Junction.

The run at Joe's Dairy Bar was so popular, almost too popular as it was reported that they could not continue the partnership due to the high demand, and the size of the location.

Now, we've received the news that MrBeast Burger is operating out of a newly opened restaurant in Ulster County, and locals, especially the younger ones in the community, are pretty excited.

The Smash Shack in New Paltz confirmed on a post in the New Paltz Community Facebook Group that indeed, the rumors were true, MrBeast operates a ghost kitchen system at their location.  He has a separate menu, but it is their cooks preparing their menu items if you order through the MrBeast website.  They called it "a fun little experience."

It also looks like MrBeast Burger is operating out of the kitchen at Spins Bowl in Dutchess County as well.

Have you been lucky enough to try one of the specialty menu items on the MrBeast Burger menu at any of the Hudson Valley locations?

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