It has been a while since I heard about a food Challenge in the Hudson Valley, I am talking about one of those offers where a restaurant offers up some astounding amount of food and then put a prize out there for anyone who can complete it.

At the price of steaks these days it would be hard for you to find a place that is offering up a free 32 oz steak to the person who can finish it all but it used to be pretty common at tourist-type steak houses. I was happy to find out that Red Robin still offers their bottomless sides. It's not really a food challenge but it is still deliciously good fun.

Ben's Fresh Big Chill Challenge in the Hudson Valley

Bens Fresh via Facebook
Bens Fresh via Facebook

Nowadays fewer people eat like that so that could be the reason food challenges are harder to find at area restaurants along with the fact that food is gosh darn expensive. Depending on the challenge that could be a make or break for some places.

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If you know of a food challenge being offered by a Hudson Valley Restaurant please let me know but in the meantime, I want to share a challenge I stumbled across on Facebook due to the fact that a group had already become the first to complete it. Since then another group has done the same.

Bens Fresh via Facebook
Bens Fresh via Facebook

Restaurant Offers Massive Desert in Port Jervis New York

There is a restaurant that is currently offering a food challenge. Ben's Fresh at 333 East Main Street in Port Jervis, New York is offering the Big Chill Challenge and according to the Ben's Fresh Facebook page, two families have already made it onto the Big Chill Wall of Fame.

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So what is the Big Chill? it is over 15 scoops of ice cream, and 5 toppings, all served in a 1-pound cookie dough bowl with waffle chips on the side. Both the White family who did it first and then the Dennis Family took the Big Chill Challenge and successfully completed it. If you are ready to try Ben's Fresh welcomes you to come on out and try.

How Ben's Fresh Makes The Big Chill [WATCH]

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