There's nothing more delicious than a good cheeseboard. Ideally, I would love to eat cheese for every meal of the day but my digestive system would disagree.

Some would argue that cheese is not good for you while others disagree. Cheese can be a good source of protein, fat, and calcium, and it also contains vitamins. However, cheese should be consumed in moderation, just like everything else.


New York State is the founder of unique food options.

New York State has been known for a lot of things. Our state is the founder of coal-fired pizza (which I also LOVE), cronuts, Waldorf salad and so much more. Throughout New York State, there are numerous cheese shops to visit. New York City and parts of the Hudson Valley have these options.

New York cheesemakers have been rated the best in all of the US.

One specific cheesemaker is located in the Hudson Valley.

Chaseholm Farm is located in Pine Plains.

This local business is being run by a third-generation family. They have several, different types of cheese from aged style to spreadable and firm. They began making their savory cheese in 2007 and the milk in their cheese is made from their cows.

Chaseholm Farm is also known for being a grass-fed and organic dairy farm with a farm store on site. They are open Friday through Sunday. You can also stop in for raw milk, eggs, and meats.

Click here to see their online store.




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Chaseholm Farm

115 Chase Road, Pine Plains, NY

*This farm has been listed as one of the top cheesemakers in the US. Food & Wine.*

Another New York cheesemaker was also recognized on the same list.

A little further upstate, another popular farm is known for its tasty cheese.

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Nettle Meadow Farm & Cheese Company is located in the Adirondacks.

Not only do they supply delicious cheese but they are also an animal sanctuary. Their farm is over 30 years old. They have different types of mouth-watering cheese such as semi-aged and one that is made with Irish Whiskey.

You can stop by their shop to purchase goodies or stop by your local Whole Foods or Price Chopper. Their store is open Thursday- Sunday from 10 AM - 4 PM. Click here to view their website and see pictures.

What do they have on-site? There are many animals consisting of goats, horses, donkeys, chickens, cats, and more. 

Nettle Meadow Farm

1256 Lake Ave, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846

*This farm has been listed as one of the top cheesemakers in the US. Food & Wine.*

What are some of your favorite cheeses?

I enjoy sharp cheddar, burrata, manchego and goat cheese the most. Share with us below.

Hudson Valley Specialty Food Shops

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