Who is ready to eat? My stomach is starting to rumble just thinking about some of the awesome eateries around here. If you're hungry and in the Poughkeepsie are then this is the perfect list for you.

We don't have time for mediocre food. It's time for the best of the best. New Yorkers love good food and the Hudson Valley region is blessed with some of the best restaurants around. After two years of getting takeout many Hudson Valley residents are ready to move on from the COVD-19 pandemic and eat out once again. If you're going out in Poughkeepsie then you should be bold and try some of the highest rated restaurants.

Poughkeepsie might be nicknamed the "Queen City" but the chefs there are absolute kings in the kitchen.

The Hudson Valley has so many great restaurants. Here is the list of top rated establishments in Poughkeepsie. I have been to some of these before and others I am hearing about for the first time. This list has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Before reading it is important to note that these restaurants are not listed in any particular order and we're not playing favorites. The restaurants were selected from Yelp. We chose the restaurants with the most stars but also had the most reviews. By doing this we were able to weed out establishments that had an impressive 5 star rating but only had 2 or 3 reviews from customers.

Check out the list and try to make your way to one of these places if not all of them. Maybe make a Poughkeepsie dining roadmap for the summer.

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