My mailbox has been cursed with the mystery Christmas card this year, and it's completely ruined the holidays.

Like everyone else, I enjoy opening up the mail during the holiday season. We'll receive greetings from friends and family, updating us on what's going on with people that we probably haven't kept in touch with as much as we should.

This year, however, my family have been cursed by the worst thing anyone can receive in the mail this time of year: the mystery Christmas card.

This week we received a card from a family that lives right here in the Hudson Valley. The lovely card shows the happy couple and their daughter standing in front of a holiday backdrop. Inside there are pictures of them pumpkin picking at the farm with a sweet message about sharing the warmth of the holiday season enjoying a new year full of peace and joy. Yes, it's a lovely card. But there's just one problem: we have no idea who they are.

My wife and I have spent the past 24 hours doing a deep dive on this family and, for the life of us, we do not understand why they sent us a card. I've tracked down their Facebook pages and discovered that the man is a photographer and the mother is a professor. Neither my wife nor I have had any contact with these people, as far as we know. I've searched my work email history for any trace of a conversation I've had with either of them. Nothing comes up.

Maybe it was someone we purchased something from, or did work on our house this year? Nope. Could it be a person I sold something to on Ebay? Nope. Perhaps it's a guest I've had on the show this year or their daughter is friends with my son? No and no again.

Some have suggested that it's a radio listener who decided to send me a card because they enjoy the show. First of all, they sent it to my home address. Secondly, I checked and neither of them follow me on social media or have ever reached out to me before this. Because the card contains a greeting using my given name and not "Boris," it's unlikely that they're a listener.

Right now I'm staring at this smiling family of three and racking my brain, wondering why they decided to add us to their Christmas card list. Could it be a terrible mistake? Did they search the internet for a different family with the same name and my address came up? It's driving me crazy!

At this point I'm starting to think that this is some sort of sick joke the family has decided to play on strangers, sending them a card with no explanation and leaving them twisting their memory into a pretzel trying to figure out how we know each other.

If I'm going to get any peace this holiday season, I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this. Because I've tracked this couple down on Facebook my plan is to send them a message, thanking them for the card and politely asking how we know each other. Would that be rude? What if they're offended that I don't remember them? I'm completely at my wit's end.

Have you ever received a mystery Christmas card? If so, did you ever discover why they sent it to you? Please give me some advice, It's completely taken over my holiday

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