This week Brandi's Future Husband is:

  • A lawyer
  • Stands up for not only himself but for others too
  • Financially focused

My honey went to a restaurant called Our Place Restaurant in Mansfield TX, because it has a special menu offering that he enjoys on Saturday nights, this guy obviously knows how to live. Dwain, was let down though, because when he got there, the restaurant had run out of the soup listed on the menu as part of a Saturday special, and then provided no discount or substitutions.

Dwain told the local paper, “I don’t want to make a big deal of this.” But he said he believes “it was a wrong and deceptive practice.” Dwain may not have wanted to make it a “big deal,” but then restaurant owner Benji Arslanovski went ahead and posted Dwain’s letter on the restaurant’s Facebook page. In the letter, Dwain is asking for $2.25 plus $250 in attorney fees, (that is his hourly rate).

According to the posted letter, Dwain was informed they were out of soup when he ordered the special, (an entrée, two sides and a soup) and that he could still get it, but it would come without the soup. He then asked for a substitution or a price reduction. The wait staff told him that it was against the owner’s policy to offer any substitutions or to discount the prices. Citing, “The menu is an offer for a contract by you,” Downing’s letter says. “I accepted the offer. This action … created a binding contract which is legally enforceable in a court of law. You then breached the contract by not providing the soup as promised by you on the menu.”