This edition of Brandi's Future Husband finds a guy who knows how to go to great lengths to apologize to the woman he loves. In fact, he goes to permanent lengths to do so with a tattoo. One guy who had his work done with "Tattoo's by Jorge" had photos posted of the work he got done.

The photo pretty much explains why this dude is in trouble. Of course, every person who sees him without his shirt on will not only know that he is a liar, cheater, manipulator, deciever, whore/prostitute lover, dishonest/disrespectful and also a mis-speller. Click here to see the photo of the guys tattoo.

Which is worse? The fact that the guy did all of this at some point in his marriage or the fact that he will have to live with this tattoo full of misspellings? No word on if the wife will forgive him or not, but Brandi does admire the lengths to which he has gone to say "I'm sorry" even if he and the tattoo artist were not sure of the correct spellings of his offenses.

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