This weeks edition of Brandi's Future Husband features a famous name, a car chase and one small arrest.

This weeks "BFH" also features something that we don't see too often, a New York State address for her sweetie. His name, is Indiana Jones. Yes, you might recognize the name. It's not THAT Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) but w a 21-year-old man named Indiana Z. Jones.


This Indiana led police on a chase that topped 100 mph on a road in the Finger Lakes region. (Maybe he was looking for some wine to bring Brandi?) The chase started late Sunday when Jones was trying to evade a traffic stop in his hometown of Rushville, 35 miles southeast of Rochester. The officer says that they had to use spike strips to puncture Jones' tires after several miles, and then they were able to take him into custody.


Should Brandi try to continue this relationship long distance? According to court officials a call to a phone number associated with Jones just rang and unanswered.