This week, we head to Phoenix Arizona to find "Brandi's Future Husband".
My future husband is:

  • resourceful, 
  • knows how to recycle
  • And is always questioning authority. 
My future husband this week is from Phoenix Arizona, and he recently found something that has him asking some questions from local government. 

My potential sweetie David, went to the City of Phoenix recycling center to see if he could find some boxes to use. When he looked into the recycling bins, he found more than just broken down boxes, he found 14 checks in sealed envelopes. All of the checks were made out to the City of Phoenix, totaling about $70,000 and none of them had been cashed. 

David is now asking questions, like "can he keep this money"? Especially since the City of Phoenix obviously does not want it. 

Each check ranged in amounts from $50 to $57,000. David feels that the local tax payers should know why the City of Phoenix is throwing money away.