President-elect Joe Biden wants New Yorkers to wear a mask during the first 100 days he's in office.

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On Thursday in a wide-ranging conversation on CNN, Biden told Jake Tapper he is going to ask all Americans to wear a face-covering for his first 100 days as President.

"Just 100 days to mask, not forever. One hundred days. I think we'll see a significant reduction if that occurs with vaccinations and masking, to drive down the numbers considerably," Biden told Tapper.

Biden also said he would join three former Presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, who said they would get a vaccine in public, once approved.

This week the CDC recommended the coronavirus vaccine should first go to health care workers and people in nursing homes. Pfizer and Moderna are both awaiting approval for use in the United States by the FDA after reporting each vaccine are around 95 percent effective.

Health officials believe at least 100-million Americans could get coronavirus vaccinations by the end of February. While New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York is set to receive close to 200 thousand doses by mid-December.

President Donald Trump has yet to concede. This week he tweeted the election was rigged and still alleges widespread voter fraud. Nearly all of the lawsuits challenging election results have been tossed

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