With the big game on the horizon there's a lot to think about heading into the weekend:

  • What ingredients to pick up at the store for your contribution to the food table?
  • What numbers you got in the pool you bought into, and do you have to go to work if you take home the jackpot?
  • Who is bringing the booze, very important.

When it comes to the day of though, where do you stand.

  • Do you go for the food/drinks, and the atmosphere of the party?
  • Are you there to actually watch the game, as in, telling other partygoers to quiet down so you can hear the calls?
  • Are you there for the pre-game or half-time entertainment?
  • Is it all about the commercials?

Personally, I don't fall into any of these categories really, I enjoy it all.

According to insider.com, who surveyed a little over a thousand people about their big game behaviors, 

-20% of people surveyed said they actually wait to watch the commercials the next day online


-46% of people watch the halftime show

-34% like to meet with friends to watch the game together

-16% of people like to take bets or enter a pool to earn some extra cash on game day

When it comes to the Hudson Valley, we do know the preferred snack is, surprisingly, potato skins - whatever your plan is for the big game, eating, socializing, watching performances and commercials, or even if you are simply there to watch the game, make sure you celebrate safely.