Orange County Government Officials recently announced a big purchase the county made to benefit residents.

It's never great to see a rundown building, especially one that was once a school.There's always a sadness and a sense of nostalgia when you see an empty building and you can't help but picture all the people that must have been there or the memories that the place holds.

The school on 3 Maple Avenue in Chester, New York has been closed down and it was recently announced that the Orange County Government has made a big step when it comes to the future of the big building.

What's recently happened to the Maple Avenue School in Chester, New York?

Well, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus recently announced that they Maple Avenue School Resolution has officially been signed. He went on to mention that the Orange County New York Legislature voted unanimously in favor of purchasing the school and it was finalized on July 2nd.

Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus also thanked the Village of Chester and the Chester Union Free School District for their support, help and for making this all possible.

What will be happening to the Maple Avenue School in Chester, New York for the future?

We're not exactly sure about that yet. Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus did say that they have some big plans for it and it will all benefit the residents of Orange County. We will surely keep you posted on what happens next with the school once more details have been released.

How does the Orange County community feel about the news?

So far, the comments on Facebook seem to be very positive about the announcement:

  • Stephen-"Great news, Thank you"
  • Bj-"Restoration I hope, beautiful building"
  • Suzanne-"Saving, and repurposing any of the buildings in Orange County is a Win, Win!!"
  • Holly-"This is amazing news"
  • Lori-"Great choice and job! Thank you!!"

Here are some pretty cool pictures from the big announcement:

We wish the Orange County Government the best of the luck with this new project.

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