A once popular vacation spot in New York is looking pretty rough these days.

Bungalow colonies were once a very popular thing in New York. At one time, many people would come from the city and enjoy a summer in the beautiful country side in New York. Like all good things that come to end times starting changing and less and less people started to come into the bungalow colonies.

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I've talked to a few people who were part of bungalow colonies and they mentioned that things started to really change when traveling around the world became more popular and available to people. They also mentioned when certain relatives sadly passed away, families starting using their bungalows less and it became easier to just sell them. There are still a few bungalow colonies that are active today, but not nearly as much.

What happened to this once popular bungalow colony?

I'm not exactly sure and I'm trying to figure out what happened.

I was looking on Facebook the other day and someone posted a few pictures of a bungalow colony that's in pretty bad disrepair. It's so sad to see a place that was once beautiful and filled with people in such bad shape now. It really is like the end of an era and and end of time that was much simpler.

Check out this run down bungalow....UGH


Sadly, the pool doesn't look much better. Imagine all the fun that was had here and all the kids that must have enjoyed the pool. You can almost hear the ghosts of their laughter and can picture everyone splashing around on a beautiful summer day...


This is so sad, imagine how many excited families drove into the colony and now it's just sitting and rotting away.


Where is this once popular bungalow colony located?

That's another part I'm trying to figure out and maybe you'll be able to help us.

According to the Facebook post, they person who posted it believes the colony was located off Hutrat Road in Loch Sheldrake, New York. Loch Sheldrake is a hamlet in the Town of Fallsburg which is right in Sullivan County (for those who don't know). Maybe someone knows the name...

So is this where the former bungalow colony is located? Do you know more details about it? Share them with us on the station app:

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