Whether you believe Bigfoot exists or not, you have to admit if Bigfoot was going to hide anywhere the Hudson Valley would be a great spot.

If you're a Bigfoot believer then you're probably familiar with Gayle Beaty and the Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley.

Usually, if someone from our community believes they had an encounter with Bigfoot, they'll reach out to Gayle and she'll investigate and look for clues like footprints or dens made of broken tree branches.

There is another awesome organization to track Bigfoot sightings throughout the United States. They break down "official" reports from different states and counties. It's called BFRO, or Bigfoot Field Research Organization.

Reports in the Hudson Valley range from hunters in Amenia seeing a BigFoot in the woods to sightings by farmers at a cattle farm in Kingston.

The latest encounter in the Hudson Valley, according to BFRO, was in Putnam on May 17th, 2020, and took a camper by surprise. The camper wrote to BFRO explaining that he had set up camp at Great Croton Swamp and was across from the Patterson Rec Center when he started to hear knocking.

The camper stated:

"About five to ten minutes later to the left of me way off in the distance there was an obvious wood knock then immediately to the right of me in the distance but in that direction is the Great Croton Swamp was a reply wood knock and then immediately after that another from the left. Then nothing."

Knocking is known as a communication method between bipedal Bigfoot creatures.

If you have had a Bigfoot experience in the Hudson Valley make sure to send it BFRO and Bigfoot Researchers of the Hudson Valley.

Back in June, 2 hikers reported to Bigfoot Researchers of The Hudson Valley that they came across footprints and dens in the Cairo area.


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