Customers at a Hudson Valley diner got a surprise visit from the Piano Man this week.

Billy Joel must have got hungry during a recent trip through the Hudson Valley, because he somehow wound up stopping for something to eat at a local diner. More surprisingly, none of the employees even realized the legendary musician was there.

It wasn't until Billy Joel was leaving the restaurant that a keen-eyed customer recognized the singer on his way out the door. Joel stopped for a quick photo and was on his way.

The owner of Dorry's Diner in White Plains posted a photo of the encounter on the restaurant's Facebook page. Dorry herself happens to be a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. There's even an entire section of the diner's menu called "The Boss Specials." But her love of Springsteen didn't stop her from still being upset about missing out on meeting Billy Joel.

Dorry's Diner
Dorry's Diner

Dorry commented on the posting that her very first concert in the 70s was to see the Piano Man. Who knows, maybe she can grab a picture if Joel returns. From what we hear, the "Bruce Burger" is so good you can't help but come back for more.